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The Caribbean Cultural Network (CCN) is dedicated to bridging the vibrant tapestry of the Caribbean diaspora with the dynamic Canadian landscape. Our mission is to be the premier platform, leveraging cutting-edge streaming technology to offer products and services tailored to our diverse audience. By hosting content, we amplify the Caribbean voices that matter, fostering a sense of belonging and legacy. Our storytelling expertise and unwavering dedication to culture allow us to cater to our customers with precision, ensuring a rich experience that celebrates culture and connection. Our public image is built upon authenticity, collaboration, and excellence. We value our creators, recognizing that their dedication and passion are the pillars of our success. Rooted in Caribbean culture, we aim to not only reflect its stories but to actively contribute, creating a space where the Caribbean-Canadian narrative flourishes.


Anthony Berot, a passionate photographer and video producer, is dedicated to capturing the essence of the Caribbean culture and preserving the stories of the West Indian Diaspora. Born in the charming town of Arima, Trinidad and Tobago, and raised in the vibrant community of Belmont, his roots are deeply embedded in the heart of the Caribbean.

Anthony Berot

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