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Micheala Palmer

Micheala is a (Mimi) is a popular Vlogger and Media Creator and Social Media Marketer.

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Anthony Berot

Anthony is a Photographer, Videographer and Livestream Director.

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Service Overview: Promotional Campaign for your event.

VisualBuzz is a promotional service provided by Nexus Of Culture and Iseeyoumimi. It merges the skills of a professional photographer with those of a well-networked social media influencer to boost the visibility and interaction of events within the Metaverse (Social Media and Internet). The service's goal is to deliver a comprehensive visual and interactive experience that captures the spirit of the event and broadcasts it to a broader audience.

Key Features

  1. Professional Photography and Live Streaming:

    • High-Quality Event Photography: Captures stunning photographs to highlight the event’s atmosphere, key moments, and special attractions.

    • Real-Time Live Streaming: The photographer utilizes professional equipment to stream the event live, offering online viewers a real-time experience of the event as it unfolds.

  2. Influencer Collaboration:

    • Social Media Takeover: The social media influencer manages the event’s social media profiles for the day, sharing live updates, exclusive behind-the-scenes content, and engaging directly with the audience.

    • Content Creation: The influencer crafts unique posts that align with their personal brand and resonate with both their followers and the event’s target audience, amplifying reach and interaction.

  3. Integrated Social Media Strategy:

    • Coordinated Release of Content: Ensures that photography, video streams, and influencer content are strategically released for optimal engagement and reach.

    • Cross-Channel Promotion: Utilizes both the event’s and the influencer’s social media channels to maximize exposure and draw in a broader audience.

Benefits for Event Promoters

  1. Enhanced Visual and Interactive Experience:

    • Combining professional photography with live streaming enriches the audience's experience, offering both the depth of static images and the immediacy of live video.

  2. Broader Audience Reach:

    • The addition of live streaming expands the potential audience, reaching those who cannot attend in person but can engage virtually, thereby extending the event's footprint.

  3. Higher Engagement Levels:

    • The influencer’s active participation and real-time interaction via social media, coupled with live visual content, keep the audience engaged and more likely to interact and share the event content.

  4. Authentic and Credible Promotion:

    • The authentic portrayal of the event through professional visual content and influencer endorsement enhances trust and builds a genuine connection with the audience.

  5. Streamlined Promotion and Management:

    • Efficient coordination between photography, live streaming, and influencer activities ensures a seamless promotional effort, reducing complexity and maximizing the impact of content.

  6. Stronger Event Branding:

    • Consistent, high-quality visuals and strategic influencer collaboration reinforce the event’s brand identity, creating lasting impressions and potential for future engagement.

VisualBuzz creators offer a full-spectrum approach to event marketing by combining visual storytelling through photography and live streaming with influencer power, creating an engaging, far-reaching promotional campaign.

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